Quasar v0.17 - QChipsInput's Autocomplete not Responding to Second Click

  • When using q-autocomplete within a q-chips-input, you get unepected behaviour.
    When clicking on the input line for the first time, you get the following stream of events -
    focus (QChipsInput)-> click (QInputFrame) -> input (QPopover) -> show (QAutocomplete) -> show (QPopover)
    Then, once you select one of the autocomplete options -
    add (QChipsInput) -> selected (QAutocomplete) -> hide (QAutocomplete) -> hide (QPopover)
    Now, the QChipsInput is still focused, a blinking cursor is visible on the input line. I want to get the options list to appear again, but when I click the input line, all I get is a click event click (QInputFrame), and nothing happens. In order to get the options list to appear again, I have to trigger a blur event first.
    Is there a way to fix this?

  • @RotemBot as the guys is more focused on v1 now, you probably would have to go for a work around, something like using a ref to trigger methods/manipulate how your q-chips-input behaves.

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