@quasar/app & @quasar/cli 1.0.0-rc.2 released!

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    Hi All,

    Before I go into today’s releases, just want to mention it again:

    When creating a project folder with “quasar create” command, you no longer need the “-b dev” parameter, since v1 has officially become “latest” now. In fact, using “-b dev” should be discouraged!



    After you upgrade @quasar/app to 1.0.0-rc.2, please remove the following from your package.json (if it exists):

    devDependencies: {
       "strip-ansi": "=3.0.1"
    "resolutions": {
       "ajv": "6.8.1"

    Both issues (with strip-ansi and ajv) have been solved by their maintainers and are no longer required now.

    Release Notes

    • Upgraded babel related deps to their latest version; core-js has been upgraded to v3 #4205
    • fix: quasar mode command breaking on certain scenarios #4204
    • fix: browser opening twice on quasar dev
    • Upgrade deps: dot-prop 5.0.0, express 4.17.1, log-update 3.2.0, strip-ansi 5.2.0
    • strip-ansi no longer needing to be pinned



    • Security dependency upgrade: handlebars 4.1.2
    • Other upgraded deps: express 4.17.1, inquirer 6.3.1

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