RC.1 released for all Quasar core packages

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    Hi All,

    Release Notes




    • chore(quasar): remove deprecation notifiers
      • QTabs: top-indicator --> switch-indicator
      • QUploader: fields --> form-fields
      • Remove CloseDialog and CloseMenu directives (use ClosePopup instead)
      • Dialog & BottomSheet Quasar plugins: className prop --> class
    • feat(TouchPan): Allow inner elements to stop trigger (#3644); add “capture” and “mouseCapture” modifiers
    • feat(TouchPan): add up/right/down/left modifiers; ability to cancel; perf improvements
    • feat(TouchSwipe): Add “capture” and “mouseCapture” modifiers; add early return
    • feat(TouchHold): Add touch/mouse sensitivity; “capture” and “mouseCapture” modifiers; early exit
    • feat(TouchRepeat): 7px sensitivity; “capture”/“mouseCapture”/“keyCapture” new modifiers; early exit
    • perf(date): small tweak to date utils
    • feat(QDialog): tweak padding on narrow windows (24px instead of 16px)
    • feat(Notify): Allow to display message as HTML content (through new Boolean prop: “html”) #4171
    • feat(Platform): Try to match as many mobile browsers as possible (#4177)
    • feat(quasar): Add type prop to QFab and QFabAction (default a) (#4181)
    • feat(QDate): New String props - title/subtitle
    • feat(QDate/QTime): Support for x and X in the mask #4157
    • feat(QImg): Abort promises if component gets destroyed


    • fix(QImg): Fix some corner cases; tweaks (#4197)
    • fix(QUploader): Factory not working correctly (fix: #4165) (#4170)
    • fix(QUploader): restrict adding files to the first one [forced] (#4140)
    • fix(QUploader): bulletproof abort() procedure #4185
    • fix(ClosePopup): QMenu + QItem with route + ClosePopup not working correctly #4199
    • fix(QDate): Don’t use formatDate for Persian calendar (#4153)
    • fix(GoBack): Fixes the single modifier (#4135)
    • fix(typescript): Date utils > formatDate params
    • fix(typescript): Global dialog definition
    • fix(TouchPan): should always trigger when mouseAllDir is used and it’s a mouse event
    • fix(quasar): Persistent property of QMenu was not blocking ESC key dismissal (#4159)
    • fix(QUploader): fix in QUploaderBase regarding inner input detection (#4166)
    • fix(QColor) defaultView prop validation (#4155)
    • fix(QBtn) validate ‘percentage’ prop (#4154)
    • fix(quasar): Set platform.is.desktop if it’s not detected as mobile (#4172)



    • Upgraded deps (webpack 4.32.2, webpack-dev-server 3.4.1, vuex 3.1.1, terser-webpack-plugin 1.2.4, open 6.3.0, express 4.17.0, babel-loader 8.0.6)
    • Removed deprecated API
      • Removed quasar-variables webpack alias (Quasar variables get injected automatically if at least one ‘$’ character is found in the stylus files)
      • App Extension Index API -> removed api.compatibleWithQuasarApp (use api.compatibleWith instead)
      • App Extension Index API -> remove api.beforeDevStart (use api.beforeDev instead)
      • App Extension Install API -> removed api.compatibleWithQuasarApp (use api.compatibleWith instead)



    • Fix capitalization of GitHub (#4036)
    • Update deps (opn -> open, express, fs-extra)
    • fix(cli) quasar-upgrade help (command upgrades AE) (#4120)
    • fix(quasar/cli): small tweak - remove unused second mention of “serve” command

  • @rstoenescu Very grateful thanks to you and the whole team for creating this awesome platform … a massive WELL DONE

  • Great news. Thank you.

  • Awesome! Thank you!

  • @rstoenescu Great work and thanks to all the whole team members

  • Well done guys!

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