[1.0 beta] Q-Select with input on mobile devices

  • Just noticed this behavior on a site I’ve upgraded from 0.17 to 1.0 beta. It’s a Q-Select with autocomplete filter. On mobile devices only, once the field is selected, it’s like a dialog (rest of the screen gets greyed out) and the select field moves to the top of the screen. Users can see the original select under the grey so it looks a little strange.

    Is this “mobile mode” documented? I don’t see anything about it on the QSelect docs page.

    It appears this cannot be overriden or disabled: https://github.com/quasarframework/quasar/issues/4007

    Will that be an option in the future?

    Are there any options or positioning that can be customized?

  • just discovered this as well when i built a cordova android of my quasar app, and i agree of your sentiments. in the github issue it was explained that it’s a bug to ios devices, but if it’s just for it, then maybe there’s a way that the behavior should be different for non ios devices ie. normal behavior of a spinner in android :(.

  • I recently discovered absolutely the same issue with QSelect with autocomplete, tested on multiple Android devices and even created a topic because to me it looked quite annoying and not nice at all:


    But later I thought that it’s a ‘feature’ because even Quasar docs page with basic samples displays the same behavior on mobile. And on the other hand, it’s quite reasonable to have the input box and the dropdown menu at the top because the lower part or the screen would be covered by keyboard pad. But now that I found this topic I’m not sure:(…So is that not a correct behavior?

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