[v1] Quasar 1.0.0-beta.24 released! Last beta before rc.1

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    Very important!

    This is the last release before Quasar v1.0.0-rc.1 (unless something major comes up). Make sure you upgrade to it before going to rc.1 because in rc.1 all deprecation notices will be removed.

    We are also preparing to move everything to our new domain [ quasar.dev ] instead of current [ quasar-framework.org ].

    Release Notes



    If using QUploader and if using header slot: you’ll need to install a new component (QUploaderAddTrigger); more info in docs; we are sorry for the small breaking change, but it is absolutely required in order for QUploader to be able to work on iOS on Cordova


    • feat(QDate/QTime): mask & locale management; lots of fixes and enhancements; extractDate for date utils Yep, you can use your own mask (eg: YYYY-MM-DD) …and yes, you can now connect both a QDate and a QTime to the same model! Check out the docs again.
    • feat(QInput): Improve mask to allow custom fill char, fill from right (#4121)
    • feat(QIcon): invisible text until the font loads (based on https://font-display.glitch.me/)
    • feat(QUploader): make header slot easier to manage (new scope props: canAddFiles, along with existing canUpload and isUploading); need new component QUploaderAddTrigger (if using header slot) in order to also handle adding files correctly on iOS on Cordova (change required regardless of build mode!), for more info see the docs
    • feat(QTable): default template for grid mode; easier to cope with the CSS; card-style & card-class new props #4077
    • perf(QTable): slight improvement in perf
    • feat(QFab/QFabAction): New Boolean prop - disable #4079
    • feat(QTable): New props - “square”, “table-header-class”, “table-header-style”
    • feat(quasar): Add native event popup-show/hide to popups, keep QField focused when inside popup is open, tweak ClickOutside and ClosePopup
    • feat(QTimeline): Avatar support #2669
    • feat(QForm): New Boolean prop (“no-error-focus”) - Do not try to focus on first component that has a validation error when submitting form #4119
    • feat(QForm): New prop (“no-reset-focus”); validation() method now receives Boolean param to override focus on error; Add missing methods to API #4119


    • fix(QUploader): Adding files not working on Cordova iOS #4136
    • fix(QSelect): fill-input - work with label instead of value
    • fix(QInput+QSelect): Set q-placeholder class on inputs #4080
    • fix(QInput/QSelect): update placeholder color #4080
    • fix(QTime): Fix wrong wrapping around time on key and click for hour
    • fix(QInfiniteScroll): Allow to pass window as scrollTarget (#4109)
    • fix(QImg): always render “role” attribute
    • fix(typescript): Corrections in type definitions (#4110)
    • fix(api): DialogPlugin create() params

  • thanks for share

  • in beta.24 QUpload factory is not working!

  • @jiaxincui - It would be better to create an issue with a reproduction on Github, if you really have an issue.


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