Confused about cache clearing only partially working

  • I have a fairly standard layout (MyLayout.vue), the template section of which contains q-layout, inside of which is the q-header, q-drawer with my left hand links, q-page-container which contains my router view to my sub pages, and finally a q-dialog that shows when a button in my title bar is clicked on.

    I do a check on launch to see if there is a version update, and perform a window.location.reload(true) if there is a new version (that does not match the one I have stored in localstorage).

    All of this works well and seems to update the entire app (subpages and components included) with new content except for one odd difference: The text data inside that q-dialog does NOT get updated, except for a single string that is pulled from localstorage. To give an example, I add <strong></strong> tags around some of the content to bold it, and it does not show unless I force clear the cache, even though all the other parts of the app updated with my window.location.reload(true) call. Any idea why this might be happening?

  • I think I have tracked this down to a most peculiar error on iOS. Namely that (on 12.2) if one has the PWA loaded in both Mobile safari AND standalone mode, clearing the cache with window.location.reload(true) does not work reliably. Reporting this as a bug with Apple…

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