Forum Favicon

  • @s-molinari I’d like to suggest that the Favicon on the Forum pages be set to a different Favicon compared to the Docs pages.

    I often have the Forum open in the browser … in addition to several pages of Docs … and it’s not so easy to quickly identify and switch to the Forum amongst the tabs.

    If the Favicon for the Forum was different to that of the Docs pages, it would be easy to spot in my tabs at the top of Chrome.

    Might also help if the Titles of the pages had an identifier BEFORE Quasar Framework e.g. PageTitle|Docs Quasar Framework and PageTitle|Forum Quasar Framework.

  • This would be a suggestion for @nothingismagick. 😄


  • @s-molinari Hopefully he will see your comment and respond … thanks for letting me know he is in charge of that side of things.

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