Tabtation - A Chrome Extension to help you manage your TMTS (Too Many Tabs Syndrome) 😅

  • Hey there! 👋

    Just launched my first Chrome Extension, Tabtation, on the Chrome Web Store. 🚀

    Tabtation’s UI is built using Quasar! Quasar is amazing. Thanks for the framework, y’all! 🙏

    Tabtation is on Product Hunt as well. 😺

    Would love some feedback! Cheers! 🤘

  • I’m going to try installing this later today

  • Seems very good, will try It later

  • @digiproduct @lucasfernog Thanks! 🙏 Do let me know how it goes! 😇

  • @RishitKedia Looks quite promising. Excellent work! Is it possible to contribute to this project or it is planned as a closed source?

  • @qyloxe Thank you! 🙏 As of now, it is closed-source as I’m offering a 7-day free trial and then asking $10 to buy the extension. This can change in the future depending on the feedback I receive from you guys. Are there any particular features you might want to add to Tabtation? I’d love to hear them. 😃

  • @RishitKedia smart. Well, it would be nice to have some categories, tags, tree view, drag drop, something like in “tree style tabs” in firefox or groups as in “vertical tabs” in opera. Import, export from firefox json bookmarks, synchronization between browsers etc. I’m quite sure that people would have more ideas, because there are many of us with hundreds of open tabs ha ha

  • @qyloxe Ahan, those are some awesome ideas! Thanks, will look into them! 🙂

    Just wanted to keep it simple and minimalistic for the initial release. 😋

    Haha, yeah, if there’s more interest, I would definitely think about open-sourcing Tabtation in the future. Thanks for chiming in and expressing your interest in contributing to Tabtation! ❤

  • @RishitKedia would you mind describing in a very high level, brief way how you used quasar to build this, and then how you implemented/integrated that work to make this extension? I am just really curious what the steps would be, and how quasar could even be used for this. Thanks!

  • @ssuess Sure! 😃

    So, I was new to both Vue and Quasar when I started working on this extension. I was in the same boat just as you are, hence this post here on the Quasar Forum. Initially, I tried using the Quasar CLI as recommended but wasn’t able to make it work. I faced a few issues (which I don’t remember now, sorry). Haven’t tried again but those issues could have been due to me being inexperienced at that stage.

    I then looked into using the Vue CLI and found vue-cli-plugin-browser-extension. I used that along with vue-cli-plugin-quasar to build Tabtation.

    I tried other MD frameworks for Vue as well but either couldn’t make them work or the components were not all that great or keeping up with MD 2 like Quasar. A thing to note here is that I’ve used Quasar only to build the UI by using its components. All the other stuff is your usual Vue and Vuex code along with things specific to Tabtation and the Chrome/Web Extensions API. 🙂

    I hope that makes sense! 😅 Let me know if it doesn’t and something is unclear.

    Thanks for asking this! 👋

  • @RishitKedia Can you go into any more details about how to go about getting started making a chrome extension that uses quasar?

    Or do you think you could possibly make a starter kit by removing all of the functionality from tabtation and just give us the basic setup for quasar?

    I’d really like to use quasar in my chrome extension but I am having a really hard time getting started.

  • This post is deleted!

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