Export(pdf/csv/word/xlsx) and Print feature request in q-table

  • Its common to have ‘export’ and ‘print’ table data. This is missing feature in q-table, can we have it?

  • I would like this too … Export(pdf/csv/word/xlsx

    It does not necessarily need to be ALL of these … PDF, CSV, TXT, and XLSX … although if WORD was possible too it would be fantastic.

  • I also searching for this if anyone has solution please share

  • Discovered how export to pdf?

  • create native html table with style=“display:none” and use available solution on google.

  • I’m having an issue where all print previews of my table rows get cut off above and below the viewscreen at the time of a ctrl + P command…been banging my head on this one for over a week playing with CSS properties, but no luck yet.

  • Do you mean to generate table in those formats you have listed on the client-side and to return as downloadable objects?

  • It would be nice to have such capabilities in q-table, but I’m not aware of such.

    In the meantime, for export to Excel, I have written backend code (based on the data that also feeds q-table at the frontend). That backend code reads the data from the database (very similar to the code that reads the data for the q-table) in JSON format, then uses a Node package json2csv to convert it to csv, then writes the csv to a file that can be downloaded to the frontend. At the frontend, the user can import that csv file in Excel, and save the imported csvfile in native xlsx format or in pdf format using Excel “save as”, if desired.

    Requires some coding, but isn’t overly difficult through the package mentioned, https://www.npmjs.com/package/json2csv

  • I’m not looking to export or have a downloadable version, it’s simply that I have a table that should require 16 pages were it to be printed out, but ctrl + P won’t show anything past the screen view

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