[v1] q-popover -> q-menu, q-item hover effect missing

  • As we’ve moved from 0.17 to v1 we’ve converted from q-popover to q-menu and the light gray hover effect does not appear when you mouse over the expanded menu items. Here’s the code. There’s likely a CSS collision happening here. Any help would be appreciated. It works perfectly in isolation from within a codepen. Thanks, Jeff.

    <q-btn round flat class=“action” color=“primary” icon=“fal fa-ellipsis-v” size=“14px” dense>
    <q-list separator>
    <q-item clickable v-close-popup @click=“editIncomeItem(item)”>
    <q-item-section>Edit Paycheck</q-item-section>
    <q-item clickable v-close-popup @click=“moveIncomeItem(item)”>
    <q-item-section>This is not a Paycheck - Move to Other</q-item-section>

  • <q-list separator>

    That doesn’t look right to me. Not sure it will help though.


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