How can I add custom static folder or additional 'static' like path

  • example:
    currently, we have already got ‘statics’ folder,
    but some API website specifically request need put some verify file in root folder or specific path.

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    please advise what’s the best practice to make this. Appreciate in advance

  • If I understand what they are requesting, you simple make the directory they want /MP_verify_someHash.txtand add the file there and make sure it is public readable on your server. It has nothing to do with Quasar directly. This directory would be added within your build files, which you would need to transfer to a server anyway, right?


  • @s-molinari Hi molinari, thank you for your reply, you are correct, it’s absolutely nothing to do with Quasar,
    I just want to have an additional different path, that would do the same job as ‘/statics’ path, can I doing this by extending the webpack config file? Thanks

  • currently I manually add this line at build out file index.js located in ssr/server/index.js
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    and it looks ok, so, in another word, can I set this customize config at quasar.con.js?
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  • I believe so. Someone with more experience with making Webpack config changes, please chime in.


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