Adding custom 'id' properties to dropdown elements divs in QSelect, QAutocomplete

  • Is there a simple way to add a custom id to drop-down elements in QSelect, QAutocomplete? Like, I have a drop-down list ‘cats’, ‘dogs’, ‘pigs’ and I want to add id=‘catsId’ , id=‘dogsId’, id=‘pigsId’ property to each option <div>.

    Thank you!

  • What do you need it for? Maybe there is another way to get done, what you want to get done?


  • @s.molinari, for testing) In certain cases unique ids seem to be the most convenient way.

  • Well, it’s probably not the simple method you are looking for, but you are offered the scoped slot option, where you can design the select options as you please. I’d suggest trying that out.


  • @s.molinari, yes, I’ve been trying to avoid using slots and from what you say I see this is the only way if I want to proceed with ids. Thank you!

  • Slots are a mighty powerful part of Vue. You shouldn’t avoid them. You should embrace them, as they are often used in Quasar and give you the most flexibility. 😄


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