[v1] Quasar 1.0.0-beta.20, @quasar/app 1.0.0-beta.21 and @quasar/cli 1.0.0-beta.6 released!

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    Quasar 1.0.0-beta.20



    • feat(api): Update mask.json with more examples (#3974)
    • perf(quasar): Further improve boot performance; also improve Meta plugin runtime speed
    • feat(Dialog/BottomSheet): dark mode; also rename “className” to “class” #3967
    • feat(DialogPlugin): Ability to render with custom component #3289
    • feat(QCarousel/QEditor/QTable): exiting fullscreen mode should scroll into view the component #3991


    • fix(QItemLabel): remove obsolete “inset” prop #3977
    • fix(api): Update __QField.json (#3983)
    • fix(QTabs/QTab/QRouteTab): Guard against “input” event messing with the model
    • fix(QEditor): [V1] QEditor link option gives an error on use. #3998
    • fix(api): Typo in QImg.json

    @quasar/app 1.0.0-beta.21


    • fix(quasar/app): Improve cordova’s config.xml handling (re-read every time it needs a forced change & reset before exiting with error) #3975
    • feat(q/cli,q/app): Improve help banner
    • feat(quasar/app): SSR/Electron - copy .npmrc and/or .yarnrc if they exists in the root of app #3973
    • feat(quasar/app): quasar describe command enhancements: add filters or ability to print only one of the areas (#3992)
    • perf(quasar/app): Improve build startup, build speed and HMR speed #3966

    @quasar/cli 1.0.0-beta.6


    • feat(quasar/cli): Update to newer Nodejs Buffer specs

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