Building web components ?

  • Hello,

    I have read the discussion about the differences between vue-cli3 and quasar-cli
    I understand the benefits of quasar-cli.
    But ihmo, i think there’s one thing really good in vue-cli: it’s possible to build web components with option “target --wc”

    I think web components is the future for web development (shadow dom is really great for mixing components from various sources without problem with css scoping).

    Is there a plan to improve Quasar with the ability to build web components ?

    And many thanks for your work

  • Um, you do realize the resulting built component made from “target --wc” isn’t a pure web component, but rather a packaged component usable or “importable” into your system, as long as the Vue library is also available? In other words, you couldn’t use a --wc built component without Vue also loaded. To me that isn’t web components as they were intended. It’s more like interoperable Vue components.

    Quasar has it’s own method too, at least for interoperability within the Quasar ecosystem. It’s called the App Extension system. About the only thing missing in Quasar would be an export feature in the CLI to package any custom component (or maybe even set of components) automatically into an app extension. 😁


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