Install to project as pure css framework

  • Hi all, is there any way to install quasar to Nuxt as pure css framework (like Vuetify, vbootstrap or Element ui)?

    I got try the following to install.

    npm install quasar 

    in plugin and styl before nuxt load

    import Vue from 'vue'
    import Quasar from 'quasar/dist/quasar.esm.js'
    @require '~quasar/dist/quasar.styl'

    but it the outcome is failed with error “cannot read property platform of undefined”

    I really like the rich ui components offer by quasar as compare to other css option (vuetify, vbootstrap and elementui), but I prefer Nuxt as my frontend framework due to its simplicity (auth module, page folder structure as route and etc)

  • As answered on Discord.

    You’ll be better off just using Quasar’s CLI and SSR mode, if you want to use Quasar. You can jimmy in Quasar into a Vue-CLI project as a CLI Plugin, but that’s about it.

    Please try not to cross post. Thanks!


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