Gradient colors in components with color property

  • Is it possible to have gradient colors in components like buttons, chips or any other component that have a color property?
    I have tried something like this without success

    q-chip color="linear-gradient(to right, red , yellow)" @click="onClick">GRADIENT CHIP</q-chip>

  • not along with color i think, so i guess do it on style with background set. ie <q-chip style="background:linear-gradient(to right, red , yellow)" @click="onClick">GRADIENT CHIP</q-chip>

  • Thanks for the reply, I wonder if there’s a more ‘quasar’ way of doing this without needing to set style.
    I also tried using class, but it looks like quasar overwrite it. It only works with !important when using class.

    What a need is a button or chip with grandient background. Is there a better way to do this without using inline style? By ‘better way’ I mean using quasar resources.

  • i believe non atm, maybe ask for it to be a feature in their github.

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