Embed Quasar App as a Widget in an external customer site

  • I would like to use Quasar to give people an embeddable widget they can add to their site.
    Is there a way to get the dist down to a singe .js file? and .css file?

    I have read this article and it seems possible with Vue …
    Vuidget — How to create an embeddable Vue.js widget with vue-custom-element

    Not sure where I would put the webpack options in quasar, would it go in here?

    build: { 
        extendWebpac(cfg) {

    I guess I could also put my quasar app into an iframe and serve it that way too … not sure I like that.

  • Hi, not sure if this fits your needs, but you can deploy your Quasar app and people can embed it using an iframe tag

    ex: <iframe url="<url to your widget>"> </iframe>

    see W3C docs

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