Q-Select, Toggle, and emitting events

  • I recently tried to pass an array from Vuex state into a q-select component of type ‘toggle’ and noticed that the select-component modifies the array in place without emitting events. This obviously breaks the Vuex pattern and prevents me from doing this:

    skills: {
      get () {
        return this.$store.getters['ALL_SKILLS']
      set (values) {
        this.$store.commit('SET_SKILLS', values)

    To work around this I created a local array in the component itself and then watch that array for changes. If there’s a change, I call the Vuex mutation. This solution works, but is there a way I can get the above code to work with q-select of type ‘toggle’?

  • I am also wondering about this - any neat solutions?

  • Admin

    Use @change event. On change, commit to the store.

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