[V1] [Solved] Cordova Set-up Ubuntu / Linux

  • Hello all!

    So I’ve recently started playing around with cordova, and I’m sharing a few technical issues I encountered along the way

    1. Missing emulator engine

    PANIC: Missing emulator engine program for 'x86' CPU.


    The latest version of android studio stores emulator bins under ~/Android/Sdk/emulator

    Hence on my system the wrong binaries were running when cordova loads


    First check where the emulator binary lives via:

    $ which emulator

    If you get home/<user_name>/Android/tools/emulator then update the .bashrc PATH

    1. vim ~/.bashrc or user an editor of you’re choice
    2. export PATH=" ........ :$ANDROID_HOME/emulator

    note This needs to come before any reference to $ANDROID_HOME/tools

    2. /dev/kvm permission denied

    note virtualization technology needs to be enabled. This is done within your BIOS settings


    1. $ sudo apt install qemu-kvm
    2. $ sudo adduser <USERNAME> kvm
    3. $ sudo chown <USERNAME> /dev/kvm
    4. Restart your computer


    The emulator is running but the cordova app fails to load resulting in the following error:

    application error CLEARTEXT_NOT_PERMITTED


    Recent version of android (API 28 and above) don’t allow connections to http servers as they are considered insecure. However during development are server is http

    see android-docs for more


    Make an avd that uses an android image with API version less than 28
    ex. running android 8.0

    I encountered a couple more issues but these are the main ones.
    Please note I’m new to cordova so these may not be the best solutions but they worked in my case.

  • I am having the same issue in mac

  • @mKomo you helped me, thanks!

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