Run dev error while running a new project.

  • I’m trying to generate a build with the beta. more it generates errors.

    I did the step by step in the documentation.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    npm install -g @quasar/cli
    cd app-mobile
    quasar dev

    $ quasar dev
     Dev mode.......... spa
     Pkg quasar........ v1.0.0-beta.18
     Pkg @quasar/app... v1.0.0-beta.19
     Debugging......... enabled
     app:quasar-conf Reading quasar.conf.js +0ms
     app:dev Checking listening address availability ( +9ms
     app:webpack Extending SPA Webpack config +560ms
     app:generator Generating Webpack entry point +15ms
     app:dev-server Booting up... +5ms
      SPA █████████████████████████ [100%] in ~1s
     ERROR  Failed to compile with 1 errors                                                                                     01:46:47
     error  in ./.quasar/client-entry.js
    Module build failed (from ./node_modules/babel-loader/lib/index.js):
      Error: Cannot find module '@babel/preset-stage-2' from '/Users/marcelo/Projeto/app-mobile'
      - sync.js:58 Function.module.exports [as sync]
      - plugins.js:101 resolveStandardizedName
      - plugins.js:58 resolvePreset
      - plugins.js:77 loadPreset
      - config-descriptors.js:154 createDescriptor
      - config-descriptors.js:109
      - config-descriptors.js:109 createDescriptors
      - config-descriptors.js:101 createPresetDescriptors
      - config-descriptors.js:47 presets
     @ multi (webpack)-dev-server/client? (webpack)/hot/dev-server.js ./.quasar/client-entry.js

  • I’m using the pwa mode normally in the last version… by the console error:
    Error: Cannot find module 'Error: Cannot find module '@babel/preset-stage-2' from '/Users/marcelo/Pro/app-mobile-cfc'' from '/Users/marcelo/Pro/app-mobile-cfc'
    Did you confirmed if the @babel/preset-stage-2 is in your package.json ?

  • Admin

    Your deps are messed up or you don’t use .babel.config.js. You should not have @babel/preset-stage-2 or equivalent in your deps as this comes with @quasar/app.

  • The @quasar/app comes with npm install -g @ quasar/cli?

  • Does Not Work

  • Admin

    “The @quasar/app comes with npm install -g @ quasar/cli?” --> No… please join our Discord server. You’re doing something wrong and it will be faster to determine what it is.

  • I’m doing this. A new project.

    And it does not work.

    What am I supposed to be doing wrong.

    Is something more necessary?

    npm install -g @quasar/cli
    quasar create app-mobile -b dev
    cd app-mobile
    quasar dev

  • Admin

    @marcelo-delta if you could contact me right away on Discord we’ll sort this out faster.

  • I have the same problem. I can start the proyect with quasar dev. But when I import some components like QAvatar or QCard I have the same problem. I have an upgraded version of Babel but still not working

  • run

    rm .babelrc

    will fix this error

  • Hi @marcelo-delta I’m having the same issue, did you find a solution ?

    I am just following the docs to set up a new project but quasar dev results in Unknown command “dev”.

    Using quasar v1, node 8.9.4, npm 6.10.1

  • @tlloyduk reinstalling quasar and selecting the Yarn option during quasar create sorted this out for me. Seems it doesn’t like npm yet 🙂

  • After removing quasar cli, and installing @ qualsar / cli I get:



  • The solution was to install the latest version of node 10.16.1 LTS, reinstalled the CLI and everything started to work correctly.

  • I have same problem
    Windows 10
    Node js Version v12.18.4 * 64 bit

    last time i remove my node module and re-install node module. but still inproblem

  • @rstoenescu can i take some help ?

  • @thiwankaSL use yarn for local deps as suggested.

  • @metalsadman can explain

  • what is the reason for this case? installed windows 10 last Night and after installation i clone project from git repository and npm install and quasar cli also install globally . after faced this issue . what is the reason and how i resolve this error . let me know .

  • @thiwankaSL

    You are not following the advice of @metalsadman: using yarn for project dependencies. Don’t expect people to help you when you ignore their posts.

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