[v1] @quasar/app v1.0.0-beta.17 released! Upgrade ASAP.

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    Github release notes

    Important updates. Please upgrade to this version as soon as possible.


    • feat(@quasar/app): Auto-inject Quasar stylus variables to any .styl file (no longer needed to add import quasar-variables)
    • feat(@quasar/app): Add quassar.conf.js > pwa > metaVariables for ability to override some meta tags’ default values #3828
    • chore(@quasar/app): Update deps (autoprefixer 9.5.1, html-minifier 4.0.0, mini-css-extract-plugin 0.6.0, opn -> open 6.1.0, semver 6.0.0, webpack 4.30.0, webpack-dev-server 3.3.1, workbox-webpack-plugin 4.2.0, webpack-chain 5.2.4, webpack-bundle-analyzer 3.3.2)
    • feat(@quasar/app): Allow production build for Cordova & Electron to extract CSS
    • feat(@quasar/app): Make default export for boot files optional


    • fix(@quasar/app): SSR bundle -> do not externalize anything from within build > transpileDependencies
    • fix(@quasar/app): Ensure fixed version dist/package.json
    • fix(@quasar/app): Ensure fixed deps in electron build package.json
    • fix(@quasar/app): Electron main process webpack config should first look at generic ‘node_modules’
    • fix(@quasar/app): Respect quasar.conf.js > build > showProgress for Electron Webpack build
    • fix(@quasar/app): layout template using old API
    • fix(@quasar/app): Add missing import in webpack/ssr/server

  • YES! - Auto-inject Quasar stylus variables to any .styl file

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