[v1] Change compilation output file "app.js" name

  • I would like to have some field in quasar.conf.js to be able to change the output name of the app.js filename.
    It would be good to have app[hash].js in order to ensure no chached sources are being used.

    Is there a way to solve this with v1.0.0-beta.17?

    Thanks in advance

  • When you use the build system, the files are hashed automatically.



  • that was the output I got with quasar-cli@0.15.3.

    But with the latest version (@quasar/app v1.0.0-beta.18, Pkg quasar v1.0.0-beta.16) this is the compilation result:

    (I’m using using cordova compilation mode)

  • Just upgraded to quasar v1.0.0-beta.23 and compiled js files does not have hash when compiling.

    Why did it disappeared?

  • I just ran the build for SPA and this is what I got.



  • Maybe I didn’t exlained myself correctly…
    I’m not trying to create a SPA I’m trying to compile the app using cordova for browser, android and ios.
    The command I need to execute is quasar build -m cordova -T browser.

    On quasar-cli@0.15.3 the app.js file located on src-cordova/platforms/browser/www/js contained had a hashed suffix.
    Now, with:

    Build mode........ cordova
    Pkg quasar........ v1.0.0-rc.4
    Pkg @quasar/app... v1.0.0-rc.6

    the resulting file name is app.js.

  • Sorry, in v1.0 there is no “browser” option for Cordova builds. There is only “android” and “ios”.


    # Mobile App
    $ quasar dev -m cordova -T [android|ios]


  • Ok, :sad_face:
    Thanks for the fast response, though!

  • I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish either. What is a cordova browser app? Is there such a thing? Can you explain?


  • I’m using Quasar Framework to create webpages and apps with the exactly same code.
    To accomplish that we use cordova to compile for web and app. This way we can use the same cordova plugins for web, android and ios, and we don’t have to change our code.
    Of course there are some plugins that can’t work on browser as QRScanner… but there are other as NativeStorage (localStorage on web) that works for all platforms.

    This features of cordova combined with Quasar Components was what made me choose Quasar as the developing framework.

    If you could add it again, would be amazing! I would really appreciate that :smile_face:

  • I’ve started this issue cause I’m having problems with caching due to no hash on compiled bundles.
    The compilation works and the websites is rendered correctly.

    Is there any work around to add a hash when compiling? (Not disabling the entire cache)

  • Someone with more Cordova experience will need to jump in. Sorry I can’t help further.


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