Mobile App for Win10

  • We are in need to develop an app with Cordova for Win10. Unfortunately I cannot not see any hint in Quasar Cli V1 documentation regarding Win 10. How can we proceed to achieve a mobile app for Win 10 with Quasar Cli V1?

    Thank you for any answer

  • Hello,

    If you run quasar dev --help inside your project dir you will have some hints:

        Starts the app in development mode (hot-code reloading, error
        reporting, etc)
        $ quasar dev -p <port number>
        --mode, -m       App mode [spa|ssr|pwa|cordova|electron] (default: spa)
        --port, -p       A port number on which to start the application
        --hostname, -H   A hostname to use for serving the application
        --help, -h       Displays this message
        Only for Cordova mode:
        --target, -T     (required) App target
        --emulator, -e   (optional) Emulator name
                            Example: iPhone-7, iPhone-X

    Try with the following:

    quasar dev -m cordova -T windows

    cheers ✌

  • Thanks for the prompt answer. But I tried that already before and during the dev server start I ve got this message:
    “MSBuild v4.0 is not supported, aborting.
    No valid MSBuild was detected for the selected target: AppPackages folder doesn’t exist”
    And then the process stucks.

  • Admin

    @Cobeland That’s being reported by Cordova. Check the Cordova folks out on this error.

  • Try installing latest Windows SDK from here:

    You also need Visual Studio 2015 or above.
    Check cordova docs for full details:

    From quasar project root you run:
    $ quasar mode add cordova

    and from src-cordova\ you add platform:
    $ cordova platform add windows

    To check if all platform specific requirements are met use:
    $ cordova requirements

    Always build with quasar first if making changes to the project!
    $ quasar build --debug -m cordova -T windows

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