[v1] Qinput readonly mode disables button in after slot - intentional?

  • Hey guys,

    To have a button at the end of a <q-input> for navigation e.g. to another page, I used to use ‘after’ attribute of q-input in the older versions. Now to achieve this, I tried using the ‘after’ slot, but when <q-input> is in readonly state, the btn is disabled (not disabled cursor but same behavior)…


    Another thing is that when <q-input clearable>, clearable button shows even in readonly & disabled mode… is this intended behavior?

    Thanks for your help!


  • Admin

    @cashmisa Pushed a commit which solves both issues. Will be available in beta.17. Thanks for reporting.

    commit a65c90eb3baf2ff30c0b777eec2314e5b0196f29 (HEAD -> dev, origin/dev, origin/HEAD)
    Author: Razvan Stoenescu <razvan.stoenescu@gmail.com>
    Date:   Fri Apr 12 17:32:23 2019 +0300
        feat(QInput/QSelect/QField): Do not disable before/after/hint/error slot when "disable" or "readonly" props are used
        Also, do not show clearable icon when same props are used.

  • @rstoenescu awesome, thanks!

  • Hi, is this issue not resolved in beta 19 yet?

  • Admin

    @mapkbalaji it’s fixed since beta.17. We are referring to “before/after/hint/error” slots and not to “prepend/append”. Maybe this is where the confusion lies?

  • Admin

    So to avoid any confusions: when you set readonly or disable, “prepend” and “append” become disabled, and all the rest (“before/after/hint/error/etc”) will still “work”. This is the design.

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