Uploader @finish removed v1 replacement

  • So uploader @finish was removed in v1.

    What do I replace it with ? I mean I need to know of the uploader has finished either failed or succeeded.

  • Admin

    There’s uploading({ files, xhr }) and uploaded({ files, xhr }) events which are equivalent to start and finish. Please look at docs.

  • @rstoenescu

    I want to know when ALL the files have finished. That is uploaded or failed.

    As far as I can tell uploaded({ files, xhr }) fires after every single file upload has finished not when all of them.

    So if I am uploading 10 files it will fire 10 times. And not once when all of them is finished. Also it does not fire when the upload fails. (There is @failed -> function(files, xhr) for that I know.)

    @finish fired once. ( no ? ) And it fired after everything is finished. Ideal for me. Because that is all I need to know.

    Thank you,

  • Admin

    There’s two ways to upload: batch and individually.
    But I see your point when uploading individually. Would you be so kind to open up a ticket on Github for this so it won’t be lost? Thanks!

  • Done. Thank you !

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