[v1] Quasar v1.0.0-beta.15 released!

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    • feat(QSlider/QRange): generic rounded border on label to accomodate for bigger values
    • feat(QInfiniteScroll): Enable loading in reverse (#2612) (#3732)
    • feat(QTimelineEntry): New prop (“body”), new slots: title, subtitle #3777
    • feat(QField/QInput/QSelect): add “no-error-icon” prop
    • feat(QSlider/QRange): Enhance thumb CSS when focused
    • feat(QField): update error icon to latest Material specs


    • fix(#3780): Typescript support further work (#3786)
    • fix(quasar): Fix iOS iframe auto resize (#3766)
    • fix(QInput): model when using debounce prop and Vue re-renders before QInput emits
    • fix(QDialog): Allow height/width override when using maximize prop #3769
    • fix(QTimeline): icon alignment
    • fix(QIcon): [V1] QFab + fontawesome = bad icon position #3772
    • fix(api): QTimeline default value for layout prop
    • fix(QRadio/QCheckbox): dense mode focus CSS
    • fix(api): LocalStorage “set” method definition #3781
    • fix(api): QTable “request” event params
    • fix(QInput): Outlined border on autocomplete (#3787)
    • fix(api): QNotify typo (#3789)

  • Is there any plan when it will come to a RC or GA Version? We would like to start with productive developement.

  • @Cobeland
    I develop for a productive thing to be in the open. I also value versions less than impressions. So I don’t understand why a RC or GA is that important. Only reason to care about numbers is compliance. And compliance is no technical spec ;).
    In fact, I develop since 0.x. The changes to 1.x - I admit - took more time than expected. I could have had waited for the migration doc but I decided otherwise.
    So until my project is live, I’ll migrate Quasar-Framework ASAP and I don’t have had issues with it, since… I think 0.13.

    Changes are always in software, may it from 2.3 to 2.3.2 or to 2.4 or from 0.9. As said, it is more or less a compliance thing aka mind trick. Every upgrade from every version can break or change things. And this far, Quasar-Framework is pretty stable for me.

    And yes, ETA questions do annoy me ;).

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  • Are you using Quasar cli or Vue cli + Quasar?

  • @kp Thanks for prompt answer

  • @Cobeland As other say the beta changes are easy to deal with. I will be using it in production soon and not worried that it is in beta. For me changing from 0.17 to v1 was more of headache. But I guess it was expected that is why it is a major release.

    I wouldn’t pressure them either about the beta status. They need the time to sort out all the small stuff.

  • @Cobeland I’m using Quasar cli.

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