mobile app (cordova) can't select/copy text?

  • Hey guys,

    Let me know if this is a Cordova question and I should take it there or not.

    When I build an app that displays HTML content, if I use a web browser, the browser’s own select/copy functionality is used. For mobile builds, I’m not seeing any built-in functionality for the same thing. Is there something simple I can do in Quasar to get this behavior? Or is there a Cordova plugin? Or should I be doing something in JavaScript myself?


  • Any ideas? I haven’t found an answer yet.

  • I can copy text just fine by tap hold on the text within my app.

    1 record selected.
    Records per page:
    1-3 of 3

    Example text i copied from qtable of my app. if the element you invoke hold tap has an event with stop or prevent modifier, then normal webview behavior wont work.

  • Hmm, Ok. I don’t think I have anything inhibiting it, but I’ll look for that.

  • Looks like when I used 0.15 I pulled in a Vue module to handle touches and swipes, but only implemented the swipe. I think it was blocking the rest, maybe. I see that Quasar does have touch and swipe handlers so I’m removing it. Did Quasar have those in 0.15 and I needlessly used the other Vue module I mentioned? Perhaps.

    I have other bugs I’m dealing with while I upgrade to 1.0.5 so I won’t be pushing it to a mobile device until those are squashed. But I’m confident the select/copy issue was all my fault. 🙂 I’ll modify the title to [solved] once I validate.

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