[v1] Quasar v1.0.0-beta.14 released!

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    App Extension docs are now available. Take a look 😉


    • feat(QForm): new component

      • and first PR with additional functionality for it: qform autofocus prop (#3759)
    • feat(QField): finally made available again & wrote docs for it; Ability to write your own Form components now

    • feat(typescript) WIP support; typescript definitions (#3688)

    • feat(quasar): Refactoring popup related to improve navigation (#3712)

    • feat: make stylus variables for q-img (#3745)

    • feat: Make input-label-color a variable (#3748)

    • feat(QField): Enhance focus logic

    • feat(QMenu/QDialog/QPopupProxy): focus & events improvements

    • feat(QDialog): auto-close prop (matches QMenu)

    • feat(QMenu): “no-refocus” prop (matches QDialog)

    • feat(QDialog): prevent page scroll on iOS when interacting with backdrop

    • feat(QTable): col definition sort (a, b) -> (a, b, rowA, rowB) params #3718

    • feat(quasar): Place dropdown icon last in QSelect (after ‘after’ slot) (#3730)


    • fix(model-toggle): Fix reset procedure for historyEntry
    • fix(quasar): Model-toggle initial state given by v-model
    • fix: transition bug fix for slide transitions
    • fix(QDialog): Fix animation when “position” prop is used
    • fix: QSpinner on builds with RTL support (needs @quasar/app beta.15)
    • fix(iconSets): clearable field icon should be circle variant (as according to Material Guidelines)
    • fix(QExpansionItem): keyboard accessibility #3758
    • fix(QItem/QExpansionItem): events (including problems regarding expansion)
    • fix(quasar): Enhance QField focusing logic (QInput and QSelect) (#3737)
    • fix(quasar): Fix double tabindex on QField related (#3728)
    • fix(quasar): Guard focus events, blur QField and QSelect when document loses focus (#3724)
    • fix(quasar): List - fix thumbnail in last position when used with ripple (#3721)
    • fix(quasar): Fixes for focus on QField and QTree (#3707)
    • fix(quasar): QSelect maxValue fix #3698 (#3706)
    • ie(quasar): Tweak QToolbar height and QBtn content moving on press (#3700)
    • fix(quasar): Prevent QRouteTab/RouterLink navigation when disabled (#3701)
    • fix(Ripple): [v1][RTL] Problem with Ripple effect after build in RTL mode #3695
    • fix(quasar): Don’t use on-right on QBtn icon when label is not present (#3691)
    • feat(quasar): Add keyboard time update to QTime (#3692)
    • ie(quasar): Fix model update for QEditor (#3693)
    • feat(QTable): [v1] [feature request] QTable Column definition: format function had access to the whole row #3679
    • feat(quasar): Trigger validation in mixin on focused value change (if present) (#3678)
    • fix(quasar): QBtn - adjust push styles and avoid blurring on click (#3670)
    • fix(quasar): Move counter prop in QField (#3668)

  • Amazing release folks, i’ve been waiting for it

  • QForm!!! Thank you so much!

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