routing to a url with parameter id

  • i have a issue tickets table, where there are tickets for issues are stored,

    now in tickets display page

    tickets are displayed with subject, date,solved or not

    its a list

    iam working on quasar framework

    how to i pass a issue link to another component, on the basis of id, i want to show the ticket

    <router-link to="/viewticket/" >view ticket</router-link>

    iam unable to find any straight way, i wished this should be available to make things simple

  • @aminnagpure In my production app at work, if user double-clicked on a table row, it took them to new page (url + id). We found this really doesn’t work for us because if user refreshes, then the implementation was rerun. Not all situation will be like this. But, to overcome this, I used vuex store to keep the id and on second page, when it is mounted, read it, then clear it from the store. This workflow worked out much better for us.

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