[Solved] How can I configure rest api params (server:port) in my electron app?

  • Hello guys,

    I’m struggling with my first electron app.

    A button triggers a rest api call:

    this.$axios.post(’/api/v1’, …

    It fails (Network Error) …

    Where do I configure my app to use the real url?:

    I have had no problems with the spa version.


  • Check out the quasar extension dotenv (or the newly released qenv - but I may be mistaken). The way I have this set up is with a dev env and a production env which allows you to use your respective dev or production api.

    You can then reference and set your base url in the boot axios file located at src/boot/axios.js via:

      axios.defaults.baseURL = process.env.API;

    In my case process.env.API = "http://localhost:8000/api"

    If you’re just looking to set the api url just set axios.defaults.baseURL directly

  • Thank you mKomo, it works!
    I’m just a newbie.

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