Problem with caching old version.

  • ’m facing a big problem. I have a pwa built and everytime I run quasar build, browsers like chrome, brave and opera do not update their caches. So, I have to press CTRL+F5 in pc to get the new version of my app build. In mobile devices my problem is even bigger because I’ve to refresh manually many and many times my app to get updates. I’ve created an item in my menu containing a function with window.location.reload(true) but even so I can’t update the application and it forces the user to have to refresh the page with ctrl+f5. What I’m needing right now it’s a way to create a version of my js and css files everytime I run build. Something like app.1234231.js?v=123, app.1234231.js?v=1234, app.1234231.js?v=12345 and so on.

  • You can try disabling cache for the browser while you’re in development.

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