Can i build the django apps in the quasar framework?

  • I am confuse litte bit i am leraning django quasar at same time would i join both or not.

  • If you use Django for an API backend (REST) and Quasar for the front-end, it should work.


  • I’ve been using them in conjunction for most projects.

    As mentioned above REST is the way to go.

    You’d use django-rest-framework as your backend API and Quasar as your frontend and deploy both separately.

    If you’re unfamiliar with drf it’s worth getting to grips with Django first before jumping into RESTful APIs. Once your comfortable with Django you’d used drf in order to make API calls from your front end .

    For example you can chose to use axios in your quasar app, which in turn would be used to make request to your REST API.

    For example axios.get('http://localhost:8000/api/...)

    This makes a GET request to your local Django server which returns some information.

    Some additional notes:
    Django rest is really powerful. Much like Django there are generic views and model “views” (serializers) that make things really easy. There are some great extensions for social auth like django-rest-auth

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