Make text readable with light background

  • Hi everyone, I’m rather new to Quasar and the forum.
    I setup Quasar v1 using vue-cli and it works like a charm.
    Just today I decided it was time to give my webapp a proper theme and so I opened the theme builder…
    I chose the colors I needed and exported the configuration.
    The issue is, my primary color is rather light so the text needs to dark in order to be read. But as for the theme builder, it seemed to decide text color on its own so I wasn’t worried. Though, on my webapp text is still white, on a light background, when dealing with primary color, while on the theme builder it shows up as dark, as it should be…
    What can I do?
    (I haven’t wrote a single line of css on my own to use all the potentialities provided by Quasar and avoid incompatibilities…)
    Thanks in advance!

  • Admin


    Components have either color props or the “dark” prop. Use them. 🙂

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