How to write Default.vue in typescript?

  • I tried to write default.vue in typescript.

    I covert:

    export default {
    name: ‘LayoutDefault’,
    data() {
    return {
    leftDrawerOpen: this.$

    to be:

    <script lang=“ts”>
    import LayoutDefault from ‘./Default’
    export default LayoutDefault

    and Default.ts:

    import {
    } from ‘vue-property-decorator’
    import { Platform } from ‘quasar’
    export default class LayoutDefault extends Vue {
    public leftDrawerOpen: boolean = false

    and I got error:
    componentNormalizer.js?2877:24 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘render’ of undefined
    at normalizeComponent (componentNormalizer.js?2877:24)
    at eval (Default.vue?c5dc:8)
    at Module…/src/layouts/Default.vue (app.js:6629)
    at webpack_require (app.js:724)
    at fn (app.js:101)
    at eval (router.ts:12)
    at Module…/src/router.ts (app.js:6689)
    at webpack_require (app.js:724)
    at fn (app.js:101)
    at eval (main.ts?cd49:1)

  • If I remove Default.ts and put that code in Default.vue. The error will be gone, everything is fine.

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