Quasar v1.0.0-beta.11 and @quasar/app v1.0.0-beta.12 released!

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    Quasar v1.0.0-beta.11


    • feat(QTabs): Vertical tabs (#2849)
    • New directive v-close-popup which unifies v-close-menu and v-close-dialog --> especially useful with QPopupProxy
    • feat(QStepper): [V1][Request] Add slot to QStepper for common messaging across steps #3543 - “message” slot
    • feat(quasar): Speed up transition times (300ms) #3352
    • feat(QSlider/QRange): [v1] slider, label => no label-value option? #3597
    • feat(openURL): Enhance the method for Electron (#3598)
    • [Feature] Added defaultView prop to QDate (#3396)


    • fix(QToggle): [V1] QToggle + fontawesome = bad icon position #3571
    • fix(quasar): Pass className and style to QDialog in DialogPlugin and BottomSheet (#3574)
    • fix(quasar): Emit input events on show/hide in QPopupProxy (#3576)
    • fix(quasar): Extend pin bg for QSlider and QRange to accomodate large values
    • fix(quasar): Only register portalParentId for QMenu (#3577)
    • fix(QBtn): Disabled button the type is submit can sitll click in a form #3580
    • fix(quasar): Replace QRouteTab activation logic to use route props instead of class (#3583)
    • fix(QSelect): [v1] QSelect label overlaps display value when field has no value #3585
    • fix(quasar): [V1] CloseMenu directive not working inside QDialog #3520
    • fix(QMenu/QDialog): attributes inheritance
    • fix(QDialog): [v1] Opening QDialog from QMenu loses esc key accelerator #3589

    @quasar/app v1.0.0-beta.12

    Updated deps:

    • latest babel-7
    • vue 2.6.9
    • workbox 4.1.1

  • Awesome. Thank you for all the hard work in making Quasar possible. It’s much appreciated.

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    Whenever possible, please help us grow by taking a look at our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/quasarframework

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