[v1] (dialog, stepper, select) + small screen => option list partly hidden

  • quasar beta10/ app11

    I do have a component which is within a q-dialog with a q-stepper.
    Within this stepper I do have some fields, including one q-select with 10 options.

    The q-select option list is shown “under” the stepper, so scrolling is needed.
    Especially on small (mobile) screens, it makes some options unselectable because many of them may be hidden under the stepper title.
    It seems to be a bit better if it is opened to bottom, sometimes it opens to upper space and hides half of the option.

    Ideally it would open above of everything, so the user can see all the options.

    With 0.17 the full screen dialog/modal(?) was great for smaller screens - as far as I remember, I hadn’t such problem back then.

  • Admin

    Known issue. On the radar. Similar issues reported already. Will be fixed soon.

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