OAuth2(Facebook, Instagram, Github) with Hello.js + Quasar Framework

  • I wrote an article on how to implement OAuth2 with social networks using a library called Hello.js

    The article is in pt-br


  • HI there, great article!

    I’ve played around with hellojs and although it is really useful for OAuth2, I’d approach with caution if you are trying to use it for OAuth 1 (for example with providers like twitter)

    I also found that for SPAs hellojs may not be the best solution due to the nature of SPA urls i.e.


    Typically hellojs would hang as the callback url for OAuth 1 providers leads to no routes as they are:

    http://localhost:8000/callback?token=<--------> ....

    If anyone has any solution to this it would be great to hear?

    I forgot to mention that using history mode is a good solution to the issue but needs some server side work when deploying.

  • @mKomo Exactly, history mode is required.
    I was able to solve this problem, but creating my own OIDC Client in another solution.

  • But I believe that Hello.js is a fast solution for authentication with social networks.

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