Programmatic access to input elements for focus and select

  • I tried to find an answer to this by browsing the source, but I couldn’t find the code for the input element. I’m desperately looking for a UI framework like Quasar which support programmatic access to input elements. I’ve been using vue-mdl for some time, but that’s transitioning to vue-mdc now and has a long way to go. The specific feature I’m after is being able to focus and select text within in input field from within javascript. This wasn’t available in vue-mdl but I was able to add it in by hand.

    Does the Quasar input element support these actions (focus() and select()) on input elements natively?

  • Admin

    There’s currently no component which wraps an input field, so you can focus()/select() it as you wish. In v0.14 on the other hand there will be an input wrapper component, but you will still be able to access the native input element.

  • Ah - that explains why I couldn’t find it in the source :). Many thanks.

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