Running cli 0.17 and 1.xx on the same machine

  • Does anybody has (or is there) a solution to make cli 0.17 and cli 1.xx running on the same machine ?
    We have more than 20 quasar-17 projects, and wont be able to do a big bang for all off them 🙂

  • Admin

    You don’t need to. Quasar CLI for 1.0 also supports 0.17 projects.
    So you can globally uninstall quasar-cli and replace it with @quasar/cli – and please note that I am referring strictly to the global install of quasar-cli, and NOT the local/project specific one.

  • In my project, I was only able to instal Quasar CLI 1.0 using yarn (I was using npm, but it doesn’t work)
    My Quasar 0.17 project just run after I updated the packages using yarn, even with no changes in the project, maybe something related to the newly installed packages…
    After updating the packages of older projects, I am able to run Quasar CLI 0.17 and 1.0

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