Dockerised Quasar Cordova Android development starter

  • Hi all,

    I would like to share a dockerised quasar environment I put together to help me kickstart new projects quickly.
    At least in so far as development for Android goes, this starter should get a quasar / cordova newbie (I count myself in this category) ready to go in under 10 minutes.

    It basically is:

    • a docker-compose file which uses an ‘android-cordova-quasar’ docker image
    • an empty quasar-cli project (the starter codebase generated by ‘quasar init’)
    • some package.json “scripts” to get started

    I appreciate any feedback, suggestions, tips, improvements, etc

    Hope you find it usefull.


  • @djleven thank you for sharing. I am creating the list of all starter kits and your kit is now included. Feel free to add via comments all undiscovered kits.
    After the consolidation is done I plan to curate the list.

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