Best practice for CSS customization ?

  • Hi,

    I would like to know the recommended way for customizing the CSS of Quasar components ? This is mostly to fill the gaps of components that do not currently leverage the theme colors (such as list items or drawer content, IIRC) but it is also useful in general.



  • Admin

    Best practice would to:

    1. Enable custom theme (take a look at top of /src/main.js, then
    2. Search for Stylus variables regarding what you want to tweak (, example: search for “list” or “item”
    3. And if no Stylus variables are available, then override with CSS of your own.

    If you find that some of Quasar’s CSS needs to be parameterized with Stylus variables, open a github ticket or the best option is to make a PR to speed things up.

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