How to run a Quasar 0.17 project after system migration to 1.0?

  • I am upgrading my system to Quasar 1.0 in a GIT branch, and I had followed all upgrade guide steps, including upgrading Quasar-CLI (globally).

    It works, but still, need a good amount of work to complete the upgrading.
    But I also need to make system changes on the old develop branch, and the quasar dev stop working for the 0.17 code.

    What do I have to do to run the 0.17 code with the new quasar-cli?

  • Solved.
    I had to migrate from npm to yarn to install Quasar 1.0 (didn’t work with npm for me)
    After that, I had to run yarn in the project directory before run Quasar 0.17

  • I am facing the same problem with npm running 0.17.x app with quasar v1.0.0-rc.4 on linux. Is there a solution with npm? I would not like to switch to yarn 😕

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