Electron errors on dev, will they be there when I compile a production version?

  • the dev server uses http://Localhost:8080 and serves compiled js using async webpack modules. Nothing wrong with that, however, it leads to the following message:

    Electron Security Warning (Insecure Resources) This renderer process loads resources using insecure
      protocols. This exposes users of this app to unnecessary security risks.
      Consider loading the following resources over HTTPS or FTPS. 
     - http://localhost:8080/app.js
    - http://localhost:8080/1.js
    - http://localhost:8080/0.js

    So the million dollar question: is this problem solved when Quasar compiles its production version? Does quasar ensure a security profile that wont expose localhost after the fact? I note that I also had to disable roboto and material-icons. Really, I don’t want a DTA requesting web services unless it has to (and this application reaally doesn’t have to)

    I tried altering the https flag in the quasar.conf.js but the error persists (I’ve seen these dynamic webpack modules before so I imagine they’ll be the culprit)

    Honestly, I’m a little worried that Electron was an afterthought; which would be a shame because I’m quite fond of Quasar

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