@quasar/icon-factory now Available

  • We just promoted the long-awaited icon-factory to beta status! Just:

    $ quasar ext add @quasar/icon-factory

    Point the installer at your source image, choose your dev and build minification strategies and start the dev server. It will create and place the webicons, favicons (or even app-icons for cordova and electron) for your app in the right folders. Using some clever checksumming, if the image changes it will rebuild the assets.

    (And for those of you worried about walled garden effect, you can also import the library directly or even use it on the command line.)


  • A few details:

    • it primarily uses sharp (no imagemagick / graphicsmagick / gd dependencies)
    • it checks magic-number (not merely node-mime) to validate the source image
    • is cross platform for MacOS, Windows and Linux
    • builds .svg, .ico & .icns files too!

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