@quasar/app 1.0.0-beta.9 and Quasar v1.0.0-beta.5 released!

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    Quasar v1.0.0-beta.5

    • fix(quasar): Guard QDate’s __pad functions for strings (#3356)
    • fix(quasar): QScrollArea - fix thumb cursor and directive when invisible (#3355)
    • feat(QDate): [v1] QDate - Chinese display of dates #3298
    • feat(iconSet): add Themify Quasar icon set
    • feat(QScrollArea): #2163 Add horizontal mode (#3349)
    • fix(QExpansionItem): [v1][bug] long label/caption breaks QExpansionItem #3361
    • feat(QUploader): [v1] QUploader upload raw file like in #1133 #3362
    • feat(quasar): Passthrough events in more components
    • feat(quasar): Introducing “behavior” API prop – propagate native events on most components
    • feat(Notify): throw error when timeout param is invalid #3376
    • fix(QInput): q-input counter displays number 4 when the model is null #3371
    • fix(QInput/QSelect): [v1] QInput/QSelect styles in dense mode #3383
    • ie(quasar): Add flex-basis to item__section–main when in local menu (#3388)
    • feat(quasar): Allow disabling CloseDialog and CloseMenu using value (#3407)
    • feat(quasar): Add .col-shrink to flex classes (#3409)
    • fix(QDrawer): #3394 | Fix for icon only mini mode edge case (#3400)
    • fix(quasar): i18n-es.js orthographic error in translation #3403

    @quasar/app v1.0.0-beta.9

    • fix(@quasar/app): Improve build with debug mode (quasar build -d)
    • feat(@quasar/app): Bump electron version when adding Electron mode to v4
    • feat(@quasar/app): Bump electron-packager version to v13
    • feat(@quasar/app): Allow cordova dev mode to run on HTTPS
    • feat(@quasar/app): Enforce correct build mode for Cordova on iOS with latest XCode
    • feat(app): Replace -a/-r params by “add/remove” in mode and ext commands
    • fix(app): Verify if ext npm package is installed or not when invoking/uninvoking only
    • refactor(@quasar/app): Extension scripts in /src instead of root
    • feat(app): “quasar test” command (alias to @quasar/testing app extension commands)

  • For anyone confused about all these versions:

    • quasar is the frontend application
    • @quasar/cli is the CLI for building new projects
    • @quasar/app is the CLI for the project

    I’m not 100% sure what the CLI for the project means and why it doesn’t just use the global CLI.

  • Basically upgrading the Quasar dependencies of the project (the devland app) will also upgrade the CLI at the same time. That way, changes that occur to the core software, which also need the Node code improvements in the CLI, will get them automatically. Without this setup, devland would constantly need to update the global CLI too. This change in v1.0 reduces once more developer effort. 😁

    @quasar/app holds things like extension addition and removal commands, describe for the API, inspect, mode, etc. You’ll notice with the CLI, that if you are in a project directory, you get a lot more commands. If you are outside a project, you only get help, info and create.

    Did that make any sense? 😄


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