WYSIWYG editor with quasar

  • I’ve been wondering what WYSIWYG editor to use with quasar. Before I started to dig into quasar I’ve been using a custom component based on summernote. That worked well as my theme was based on bootstrap too.

    With Quasar I’m not so sure anymore. I don’t care much about the UI as long as the usability is good and as long as we can easily maintain everything. I don’t feel the desire to use bootstrap at all, especially when I consider the ton of things I would add.

    I’ve also been using Quill too, worked fine, but it’s very limited if you want to extend it with custom attributes and so on. It’s unfortunately not an option to me, I need something more powerful and easy to extend.

    Is there anyone who used has some experience with Quasar and a WYSIWYG editor?

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  • Thanks! Waiting is sometimes a bit of a problem 😉

    This one uses summernote too https://github.com/Haixing-Hu/vue-html-editor

    That would mean I would be back at bootstrap, but I guess there’s no way around bootstrap, just feels bloated, but it still feels more battle tested than vue-html5-editor…

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    I’d write one myself especially for Quasar but unfortunately just like you yourself said time “is a bit of a problem” 😞 Please share with us what path you finally choose. Thanks!

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