[v1] QTable (CRUD) selection method / UI

  • Hi!

    As I understand (and maybe I’m wrong) there is currently two ways of implementing selection on tables: by using the selection / select props, witch will bring up the default UI of checkboxes at the first col or you could use slots and change that for, say, toggles.

    Well, I think that it’s a very common demand and use scenario that a table should implement C[R]UD capabilities. I’d suggest that those should be present by default and configurable via props IMO, emitting events like @create, @edit and @delete and should accept buttons / icons for each prop.

    Other improvement should be the select UI, that besides checkbox, should be configurable to be just a “pressed” effect on the selected rows.

    That could be done? This would save tons of re-scripting around the world IMHO. 🙂

    Thanks for your work.

  • This would be a nice quasar extension. Also, we can make a wrapper component (I will build one when I start developing with Quasar in a few weeks). I think it’s out of the scope of the framework itself

  • @lucasfernog said in [v1] QTable (CRUD) selection method / UI:

    I think it’s out of the scope of the framework itself

    I beg to disagree. I think that in terms of framework this is both a small change and very well coupled to what a table use means.

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