[V1] how to build with ios theme? -T ios

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    Thank you for your reply. My decision was made when I read the upgrade documentation.
    New projects will be with Vuetify. I have applications in version 0.14 and others in version 0.17 and it is sometimes difficult to switch from one to another. Three versions would be more complicated than learning a new framework.
    I think the Vuetify API is more stable.
    Why rename ‘plugin’ in ‘boot’? q.i18n to lang ?, tertiary color to accentuate? … and so on.
    To avoid confusion, all components should have been renamed, such as QInput to NInput.

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    Switching to another framework just when Quasar’s API becomes stable? 🙂

  • @rstoenescu said in [V1] how to build with ios theme? -T ios:


    Switching to another framework just when Quasar’s API becomes stable? 🙂

    well it’s a valid choice since he need two themes. unless he wants to continue with 0.17 which won’t be updated much now that v1 is out.

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    Where can I find the examples to make components look and feel like iOS?

    Are there any plans of any kind of (offical) ios theme support for standard components in V1 in the near future?

    Still no answer on this. We were creating a SPA with iOS theme, converting to v1 completely broke our design. Can we import old ios stylings manualy somehow?

  • @rstoenescu Honestly I’m also disappointed about this decision. having Components that look native (Like the action sheet) was a really excellent feature

    I know that the theming needed to be improved, but get rid of it is an important downgrade

    also if there is no way to “Switch” between themes please get rid of this on the upgrade guide

    “There are examples in the docs of how to make different components look and feel like iOS”

    is highly misleading.

  • @fega if you’re talking bout this https://quasar.dev/start/upgrade-guide#Build-Themes you can propose an edit if you feel like it’s misleading, click the pencil icon on top of the page to open edit of page and submit a pr.

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    1. It’s not at all misleading. Due to the way that Quasar is now way way easier to style, we actually don’t need two themes (which slow down development very significantly). Example from docs (and this is just one): https://quasar.dev/layout/header-and-footer#iOS-look-and-feel
      Try to understand Quasar behind the “it’s Material design only?” first impression. Cause it’s not. I won’t go over the technical details because I’ve done it countless times, but you’ll soon see the MANY benefits of having a base design which is years ahead more configurable than pre 1.0 was.

    2. One of those immediate benefits: we are working on more themes than you can imagine (not just 2 as it was before 1.0), and you’ll be able to install them through App Extensions. It’s going to be so easy that you won’t even believe it. This is yet another place where Quasar will really shine.

    3. As always, try to think of the tens of thousands of hours that have been put into the development of Quasar and visit our Why donations are important page (if you haven’t already). It puts things in perspective. The more financial resources that we have the faster the development will go.

    1. Hello @rstoenescu sorry but yes, is misleading, the example that you provided is the only one that I found in the algolia search, and honestly is not very good, it still looks as a Material design theme. also, I tried to upgrade and the started to look for those mentioned “examples” and I needed to roll back because they don’t exist. and as you can see I wasn’t the only one that had that issue.

    2. yes, I understand that the changes made should simplify the code A LOT, and I’m not saying that is a bad decision, but there are some “IOS specific components” that disappeared, like the action sheet and the Date Picker, that could be refactored as an IOS specific themes and let the user switch using the quasar helpers.

    3. Keep in mind that most of us know how hard making open source code is, and I’m is not an opinion against Quasar or the team of people behind of such hard Work. this is an opinion to “Make Quasar better”, and can be added or discarded, yes I’m disappointed about that decision, but don’t take it personally, is just an opinion about a decision, but I still think that the Quasar team is doing a great Job, but software is never perfect.

    @metalsadman I honestly think that the reality is that when a user upgrades the framework, the IOS theme needs to be done manually using quasar helpers, I think that the docs still need to evolve in order to make that affirmation true.

  • @fega you are correct about the manual work, but i don’t think the docs has claimed that you can simply make the v1 components to look exactly ios themed like the legacy versions had. The thing is even with the material design as it’s main theme out of the box, devs still roll their own styling out of the spec (coz of preference / requirements etc.). at first i was skeptical of the changes to v1 tbh (you can even see my skeptism above older post xd), but it made sense along the way. The components are already there, it’s just a matter of how devs use it, highly encourage peeps to extend it according to their needs and add functionalities along with the quasar ones and ofc contribute to our community :). If you still feel the same way of that part of the doc tho, my initial response to you still stands.

  • Could you elaborate on how we might customize components to have an IOS look and feel?

  • Any idea when these themes will be available as extensions?

    Additionally, does anyone know of some sort of theme/library that will make iOS-like components (specifically form components and controls, like toggle/switch) that can integrate with v1? I’ve finally been able to try it out and it’s great, very enjoyable, but lack of iOS will prevent me from bringing v0.17 projects up (which I am excited to do).

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