how to use quasar components in Vue.extend()

  • Hello guys,i need your help on how to use quasar components in Vue.extend… i tried to import some quasar component but it fails me…

    i have this sample.js where as you can see here, i imported the QDatetime component

    import Vue from 'vue/dist/vue.js'
    import { QDatetime } from 'quasar'  
    export default Vue.extend({
      name: 'DatePicker',
      template: `
        <q-datetime v-model="date" />
      components: {
        'q-datetime': QDatetime
      data () {
        return {
          date: ''
      methods: {
        setDate (context) {
 = context
        getValue () {

    but in my Console it returns this warning: where i have no control to the QDatetime to fix this… please help me thank you…

    Avoid mutating a prop directly since the value will be overwritten whenever the parent component re-renders. Instead, use a data or computed property based on the prop's value. Prop being mutated: "value"

  • Is this part of quasar project? In quasar project you can use Vue.extend({}) and use quasar components by just adding them in quasar.config.js framework.components array. But I have never used string template inside project, but that should not be different if I’m right…
    Can you provide more information about your project and where is this file inside of that project?

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