[SUGGESTION] Please show me what command I used to start the dev server

  • When quasar dev command line completes, it clears the screen and I am looking at this:

     DONE  Compiled successfully in 17139ms                                                                                                                   1:09:17 PM
     N  App URL........... https://local.mysite.com:4040/
        Dev mode.......... spa
        Quasar theme...... ios
        Quasar CLI........ v0.17.23
        Quasar Framework.. v0.17.19

    Why is the command line gone? I do not remember what I typed. Did I add arg X? I dunno. Have to press ctl-c so I can see what command I used.

    This is too pretty. It hides the command used to fire up quasar.
    As I have many projects and many commands and not much for memory, this is not helpful.


  • Um, I hope you don’t take this wrongly, but you know what base command you used, or rather you know what you started, i.e. the dev server. So, that is simple enough to remember. quasar dev. Right? And once the compilation process is finished and the dev server starts, it shows you “Dev mode… spa” and “Quasar theme… ios”. It also shows you the URL and port the server is serving on. Those are the only args you could have added. 😄

    So, as I see it, everything is there to tell you what you had entered. 😄

    And yes, once you get out of the running dev server (with ctrl + c) and do something else, you can get the command history with the arrow up, which I do just for being lazy’s sake.

    And if you are starting with a fresh console and didn’t happen to have a history persistence of some sort or just starting, you can type in quasar dev -hand get help on the command, to remember what it was you wanted to do. 😄


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